NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite How to Change Your Presence & What it Does

Using the NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite that is integrated with the NEC Univerge SV9100 Telephone Communications Solution

Your Presence is a great tool provided by Unified Communications. It not only lets your co-workers know if you’re available, but it also can control how you want to handle calls.

• In the upper right hand corner is your picture followed by your presence below it.

location of presence

• By clicking the Arrow beside it you will get a list of options of what you might be doing
• For demonstration purposes we will choose In a Meeting.

presence options

• Under the Subject and location you can write as little or as much as you would like your co-workers to see.

set presence

• You can choose your subject and forward your calls either your mobile phone or straight to voicemail.
• Select the greeting callers will hear and set your return
• Once you have filled in what you would like for this section press ok.
• Your phone will go off hook momentarily and your presence and call handling will be adjusted.
• When coworkers hover over name, they will see the set presence

hover over to see presence

Please note subject and Location are completely optional.

Watch the video demo below for more instruction: