ServiceMark Telecom is a wonderful company to work with for your communication needs. They are willing to spend the necessary time to learn about your business and how your current phone and communication system is or is not working for you. They are very knowledgeable about their product and how it can be incorporated into your business to improve your ability to effectively handle a multitude of communication needs, whether they be through incoming and outgoing calls, to interoffice communication.


Their approach to communication is not to simply take a phone out of a box, plug it in, and that’s what you’ve got. They make communications work for your business through the development of a customized phone and communications system that enhances your ability to effectively service your customers whether you are in the office, on the road, or working from home.

Bruce, Jenny and Shelby took the time to set up a demo system in their office which allowed us to actually look at and use some of the phone features, as well as Unified Communication features, to see how a system could be set up to operate in our office environment. This one on one time with an actual phone system allowed us to make informed decisions about what equipment we needed/wanted and how the system could be customized to fit our needs before making our purchase.


While the transition from a plain old phone line to a VoIP system seemed a bit scary at first, Bruce and his team made the switch to the new system a breeze. Once the decision was made to purchase the new system, complete with Unified Communications, work began to develop a working plan for our system, which included a specific worksheet for each phone, representing how that phone would be programmed. Being able to sit down with their worksheet allowed us to customize each phone according to the needs of that user instead of taking a cookie cutter approach where all of the phones were clones of the others. It also meant when installation day came around, Bruce and his wonderful staff already had each phone programmed and ready for use.


Bruce, Jenny, Shelby and everyone at ServiceMark told us installation would go smoothly and that they were prepared for anything Murphy might throw their way. They were right. Through their advanced planning, use of worksheets, and time spent talking with us about our communication needs, our customized system was able to be installed with very minimal disruption to our very busy office.


Once installation was complete Jenny came in and trained all of us on how to use the new phone system as well as Unified Communications. She put together a wonderful set of user manuals that are easy to understand and allow you to get up and running with your new system very quickly. Jenny has also been very helpful in coordinating service calls to get a few minor kinks worked out of the system once we had the opportunity to use it for a few days.


Thank you ServiceMark for spending the time with us to develop a customized phone/communication system that actually works for us.”


- Kathy Garver
      Law Offices of Anthony M. Totta, LLC