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Cloud-Based Phone Services & Communications for Business

If you have not already experienced a cloud-based business phone system, it may be time for you to consider switching. There are many benefits that cloud-based VoIP technology has over traditional on-premise PBX systems.

Cloud-based technologies provide businesses of all sizes with the ability to change and adapt quickly, to scale up or down when they need to. Cloud-based phone system technologies are packed with services and features that improve daily workflow and communication. Cloud-based systems are agile when it comes to quickly adapting to the needs of a business and its employees and customers, a necessity in today’s technology driven marketplace. Agile infrastructure is harder to realize using traditional on-premise telephone systems which typically have higher setup costs, maintenance costs, hardware on-site and reliance on IT support.


ServiceMark is a Leader in Cloud-Based Communication Solutions for Businesses

ServiceMark’s concern for quality and reliability is superior to other cloud-based communication providers. ServiceMark performs upfront diagnostics that measure the quality of a business’s internet connectivity to determine if a cloud-

based telephone system is a good fit before decisions are made. These diagnostics evaluate and determine if a business’s internet connectivity will be able to provide the stability required to maintain high call quality and reliability. After testing is completed, ServiceMark shares diagnostic reports with clients so they can make an educated decision to move to a cloud phone solution and communication services. The extra effort ServiceMark takes upfront contrasts with other cloud providers, who simply want to sell you their service with no commitment to ensuring quality.

ServiceMark is an NEC Univerge Blue Cloud-Based Phone Services Preferred Provider. Click on the button below to learn more about our full suite of NEC phone systems, services, and communication tools; and read on to learn more about the specific benefits of cloud-based services.

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The Top 10 Cloud-Based Phone System Benefits

1. Fully Integrated Communications

Integration of a business’s phone system with everyday applications for business processes and workflows can dramatically improve efficiency.

Phone systems that operate in the cloud are easy to deploy and support mobility, enabling employees to stay connected whether they are in the office, working from home or on the go. The cloud provides a consistent business presence combining phone, chat, video, screen sharing, file management, conference calling and more into a seamless experience that fits the needs of any size or type of business.

2. More Control Over Business Communication Features

Cloud-based phone systems give businesses the ability to pick and choose what features they need, with access to disable or enable features when they want.

Businesses can give their employees anytime, anywhere access to these great business communications and calling features via multiple devices like smartphones, desk phones, and softphones.

3. Enterprise Level Features for Smaller Businesses

Cloud-based phone systems give smaller businesses access to the same types of phone system features that you would typically expect to be afforded by only larger corporations. Features like Virtual Assistant, Auto Attendant, Never Miss a Call or Call Center solutions are often baked in features or “easy to add” scalable options in cloud-based solutions.

4. Communication Tools That Are Easy to Use

Cloud-based phone systems live in the cloud, not on-premise, making it very easy to scale quickly for businesses that operate in multiple locations.

With access to intuitive, easy to use communication dashboards, employees can log in from anywhere, giving employees greater control over their productivity which in turn can greatly improve customer interaction, efficiency, and revenue.

5. Daily Workflow Efficiency & Time Management

Cloud-based phone systems also help IT staff manage the system more efficiently by providing real time insights into phone system configuration, help and training, billing analytics and more. These insights allow businesses to spend more time growing revenue and less time managing and troubleshooting their phone system.

And as we’ve already discussed, cloud-based phone systems provide mobility, giving employees access to all the features and functionality they need to work remotely, just as efficiently as if they were in the office.

6. Communications Flexibility & Streamlining

Businesses inevitably change and grow, driving the need to hire new employees, open new locations and bring on new clients. This requires a communications system that can scale up, or down, as the need arises.

With a cloud-based phone system, businesses can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate heightened call volume and can also disable extra extensions if need be (which is often the case for businesses that need more phone system resources only during peak seasons). Unlike traditional on-premise phone systems, businesses only pay for the extensions they need for as long as they need them.

7. Communication that Supports Business Continuity

Cloud-based phone systems allow businesses to remain connected to employees as well as to customers no matter the environment. For example, a cloud-based communications system is likely to be unaffected by outside factors such as severe weather or other issues that may keep employees from getting to the office.

Businesses can maintain a consistent presence with constant access to the communication tools they need to keep daily operations running smoothly.

8. Better Communication with Customers

Cloud-based phone systems typically come equipped with Virtual Receptionist (VR) or Auto Attendant features. Incoming calls can easily be directed to various departments within a business, with unique call greetings and on-hold messaging

for each department with marketing messaging about services, products, promotions, or educational FAQs.

Businesses can set up holiday greetings in advance using the cloud-based phone systems administrative dashboard and can also configure a unique holiday schedule which allows the system to revert back to the non-holiday greeting on a particular date. Specific on-hold messaging can also be integrated to inform callers about special promotions or commonly asked questions.

9. Access to Premium Phone System Features

As mentioned earlier, during peak busy seasons, some businesses may want the ability to add premium phone system features to increase call-taking efficiency and maximize their staffing. “Call Groups” features are a good example of an advanced cloud-based phone system feature that allows incoming calls to ring on multiple extensions.

“Call Queues” is another good example. These types of premium features provide special “waiting rooms” for callers where customized on-hold experiences help businesses to better manage call volume and customer satisfaction. Implementing premium features can help cut down on missed calls, voicemails being left, busy signals and customer frustration.

10. Economy & Value

Potential cost savings coupled with easy to deploy value added features is another benefit of cloud-based phone systems. Moving your telecommunications from an on-premise PBX platform to the cloud can be less expensive versus that of a traditional system, therefore helping to reduce overhead and, ultimately, increasing profitability!


Ready to Learn More or Get Started with a Cloud-Based Communications?

ServiceMark is ready to help you determine which cloud-based solution is the “best fit” and most cost effective for your business. We have developed a Total Cost of Ownership tool, which compares multiple solutions, and calculates the total cost of ownership over 3, 5, 7, and 10 years.

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