Network Services

Networks today are more complex than ever before. In this age of "converging" computer and telephone networks, the data network infrastructure is the driving force behind the deployment of computer/telephony technology that increases efficiency. Today is data networks commonly include VoIP technologies, highly data intense applications, computer and server data, Access Control systems, and Security Cameras.

If computers and telephones are to share the same network, the data network infrastructure needs to include smart data switches that can assign a different priority to different applications through a technology referred to as Quality of Service (QoS). For an example, VoIP telephones must operate in real time in order to achieve reliable and clear phone conversations, while e-mails with attachments can arrive a bit later without noticeable delay.

ServiceMark understands these applications and can help design, implement, and support your local and wide area data network. To learn more about how ServiceMark can help you take advantage of this new exciting converged world of computers and telephones, call ServiceMark at 816-478-2000 and press 2.

Sonicwall Firewalls
ServiceMark has partnered with Sonicwall for its security solutions. Sonicwall provides high-performance firewalls and VPN appliances with application intelligence and Quality of Service built into every appliance. Sonicwall also offers security subscriptions such as anti-virus, intrusion prevention and anti-spyware for wired and wireless networks of all sizes. Sonicwall security solutions keep your network running properly by protecting your network from threats before they get inside your network.

All networking equipment is not created equal, and various applications have different needs. We take this into consideration when we help you design your network infrastructure, and recommend the equipment that fits your needs based on the various applications to be deployed over your network. For high end VoIP applications we prefer to use HP Procurve switches due to reliability and scalability. Most HP Procurve switches are backed by a lifetime warranty with next day replacement.