NEC Phone Systems

ServiceMark's attention to detail during the planning, installation and implementation of NEC Business Telephone Systems ensures our customers expectations are met and exceeded.  We take great pride in attention to detail and attention to our customers!

ServiceMark has been an NEC Dealer since 1995, and the relationship between the two companies has passed the test of time. NEC telephone systems fit the needs of a wide variety of businesses including small offices with a few phones to large multi-location customers with several thousand phones.

NEC Telephone Systems

NEC was founded in 1899, is a world-wide leader in telecommunications, and has been dedicated to the U.S. market since the 1960’s. The company’s annual revenues exceed $30 billion, and the company invests over $3 billion annually in research and development. NEC’s financial strength has enabled the company to be an innovative technology leader with over 48,000 patents world-wide, and is consistently one of the top recipients of U.S. patents for the last 10 years. When considering a business telephone system, NEC is an industry leader worthy of consideration.

Regardless the size of your business, NEC telephone systems offer technologies that if designed and implemented properly can save time and money and improve customer service. Technologies commonly discussed include:

Automated Attendant:  If designed properly, an automated attendant can save time and improve customer service. ServiceMark’s president Bruce Gibbs has written an article about how to find another $30K or more per year with your telephone system and improve customer service. The article addresses common sense principles discovered during thousands of meetings for nearly three decades with Kansas City area businesses regarding the proper design of a telephone system.

Save Your Business Money:   
“Find Another $30K a Year and Improve Customer Service with Your Phone System."

Voice over IP (VoIP):  All NEC products offered by ServiceMark are IP based communications servers that can be configured as a VoIP solution, or a traditional solution, or a combination of both VoIP and traditional based on which technology is the best fit. To learn more about VoIP and traditional technology and which technology is the best fit for you click here to view the article.

Computer Telephony Integration:  Simply stated, computer telephony integration is the ability for telephone applications and computer applications to work together. Some of the most common computer telephony applications are as follows:
- Voice Mail Messages that appear as an e-mail in computers which also extend to smart phones for mobile employees.
- Electronic faxes that appear as an e-mail in computers and smart phones.
- Dial out of a database of a computer, or highlight a phone number in a document, e-mail or web page and click to make the call. Soft phones or attendant positions that reside as software on the computer.

Unified Communications:  

As of 2014, NEC made Unified Communications affordable for business of all sizes!

Prior to UC, our answer to everything was “I have a button for that”.  With UC, the telephone system solution usually involves a desk phone with fewer buttons complimented by the UC desktop application.  This application works like a smart phone which provides an improved end-user experience and increases efficiency and collaboration between employees working in and out of the office.  For more insight about Unified Communications click here.

Mobility Solutions

ServiceMark offers a variety of applications that empower a mobile work force.

  • Mobile Extension extends office phone functionality to cell phones
  • Voice Mail to Email gives voice mail messages the same attention to a mobile work force as email.
  • Unified Communications allows mobile employees to work remotely in their “Virtual Office” so they don’t appear to be displaced from the office environment.

Click mobility solutions to learn more!

To help our clients discover which technologies are relevant for their business and which technologies are not relevant, ServiceMark has developed a computer/telephony overview that visually illustrates traditional telephony, Voice over IP, and Computer/Telephony Integration. This overview has proven to be an effective tool to help customers clarify how best to configure a telephone and computer network.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss in further detail how you can realize cost savings, improve customer service, and help discover which technologies are relevant for your business. Please call us at 816-478-2000 and press 2, or e-mail us for a free, no obligation consultation.

NEC Products Supported by ServiceMark

ServiceMark is trained and certified on the following NEC telephone system products:

  • NEC SV8100 IP Communications Server
    This system has been discontinued by NEC but ServiceMark Telecom continues to provide "best effort" service and support for the SV8100 phone system.
  • NEC SV9300 IP Communications Server
    • The SV9300 has a system capacity of over 2000 stations (extensions), and the extensions can be located in a single location or in multiple locations. As many as (256) SV8300 systems located in multiple offices can be networked together through VoIP technology.

ServiceMark is trained and certified on the following NEC voice mail products:

  • NEC Unified Communication Software
  • NEC InMail
  • NEC IntraMail
    • The InMail and IntraMail voice mail products are cost effective and extremely reliable solutions for small and medium sized business.
  • NEC UM8000
  • NEC UX Mail

The UM8000 and UX Mail voice mail products provide Unified Messaging. In summary, Unified Messaging provides the ability for voice mail messages and fax messages to appear in the inbox of computers and smart mobile phones.

ServiceMark is committed to maintaining previous generations of NEC telephone system products which include the following:

  • NEC Aspire
  • NEC i-Series (formerly Nitsuko i-Series)

We welcome the opportunity to discuss in further detail how you can realize cost savings, improve customer service, and help discover which technologies are relevant for your business. Please call us at 816-478-2000 and press 2, or e-mail us for a free, no obligation consultation.

NEC Phone System Case Studies