Unified Communications

NEC Unified Communications (UC)

As of 2014, NEC made Unified Communications affordable for business of all sizes!

Prior to UC, our answer to everything was “I have a button for that”.  With UC, the telephone system solution usually involves a desk phone with fewer buttons complimented by the UC desktop application.  This application works like a smart phone which provides an improved end-user experience and increases efficiency and collaboration between employees.


Prior to UC...With UC...
We had speed dial lists. Callers could be automatically dialed by pressing a speed dial bin number or by accessing a dial by name directory which was a bit cumbersome from a plastic desk phone.Simply click and dial out of contacts
We had speed dial buttons for frequently dialed phone numbers. There were a limited number of buttons on the phone and they were not quick and easy to program.Frequently called people/numbers can be copied from contacts to a UC Speed Dial tab on your desktop computer (similar to favorites on a smart phone).
We manually dialed lots of numbersEasily hi-light dial any phone number on your computer screen.
We scrolled through Last Numbers Dialed or Incoming Caller ID one at a time on a desk phone display.UC includes a Call Log of Inbound and Outbound calls are easily viewed and dialed from your computer
We had keys programmed for co-workers to make it easy to press one button to call them, and the light on the key would indicate that they are on their phone. For larger customers users couldn’t see all co-workers because we ran out of buttons. (We called them DSS/BLF keys)We have Virtual Cubicles for all co-workers on your desktop computer which provide so much more such as:
• Picture of co-worker
• Name/ext. number of co-worker
• Light to indicate if they are busy
• Presence status such as…
o In the Office
o Out to Lunch
o In a Meeting
o In Virtual Office
o Out of Office
Intercom (calling another co-worker’s phone)Intercom plus Instant Message (IM) which provides effective collaboration between employees working both in and out of the office
Transfer to Cell PhoneMobile Extension extends office phone functionality to cell phones, and UC allows mobile employees to work in their Virtual Office so they don’t appear to be displaced from the office environment.
We had a message waiting light that flashed on a desk phone to notify user that they had new voice mail messages. User’s accessed messages and features from a phone which was cumbersome especially when checking for messages while out of the office.Voice mail messages appear as emails. . Users can easily see the name and telephone number in the email subject line and click on an audio attachment to listen to a voice mail message from a computer or smart phone.


ServiceMark Telecom appreciates your interest in NEC’s Unified Communication Suite.

With the UC Suite launched you can easily see all your co-workers, their status, and who is available. You can see who has the application open. If your co-workers are in color, the application is open. If they are in black and white, the application is closed. If they are in color, you can click the talk bubble to initiate a chat.

You can also see at a glance who is in the office, out of the office, in a meeting, or on vacation. If their phone is black, they are idle and not on the phone. If the phone is green, they are on the phone. If the phone has become an arrow, their calls are forwarded, and if they have a red circle with a slash through it, they are in Do Not Disturb.

When a call comes in, you have the option to answer, or send the call to voicemail. Once you answer, you now have all the call handling options such as hold, transfer, or ending a call. To transfer a call, you simply click your co-workers phone icon and select their extension, voicemail or an alternate phone number.

Conference calling is just a click of a few buttons. By clicking more options, you can click add call, add the party you want to conference call, and when they are ready, click the join button to connect all the parties.

Call History can be viewed, and you can return calls with the click of a button. You can sort it by date, phone number, or direction of call. You even can export it as a csv file.

If you are a call center, agents can log in and out of queues with the click of a button. They will even be able to monitor other agents. And they can monitor all their queues.

Thank you for watching. Please feel free to click here to connect to a series of short how-to instructional videos for NEC Unified Communications. For more information, please contact us at 816-478-2000 and press 2 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more!