Phone Systems, Services, and Network Solutions for Schools & School Districts K-12

A reliable VoIP telephone system and service, and strong communications solutions are essential to the daily operations of any school or school district. School administration, school resource officers, 911 dispatch, and first responders also rely heavily on being able to quickly communicate with other faculty members as well as being able to contact outside resources if the need should arise.

Trust ServiceMark Telecom, a local telecommunication and networking specialist with your project. A properly installed telephone system and services plays a vital role in the education process as well as ensuring the safety of students and faculty.

ServiceMark Telephone Systems and Solutions Meet the E911 Guidelines and Address Kari’s Law and Ray Baums Act.

We take safety and emergency response time seriously, including recent changes to E911 law including Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act that both became federal law since 2020.

At ServiceMark Telecom we provide telephone systems and services that provide the physical address, and additional dispatchable location information to the 911 call centers to enable the speediest response to the person in distress.

Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s act valuable lifesaving information that is critical in emergency situations can be provided to first responders. Things like a specific room number, floor, wing, or which entrance of the building to enter and other information is crucial to preventing a loss of life.

This means that you can rest assured knowing that your students and faculty will have the resources they need to effectively communicate with emergency services.

The Three Major Components of Kari’s Law:

  • The telephone system needs to enable users to dial 911 directly, without having to dial a prefix such as “9” to reach an outside line.
  • The system needs to provide contemporaneous on-site notification such as administrative phones or a staffed security office when a call to 911 is made.
  • The system needs to provide a valid callback number. The valid callback number is not necessarily the number from which the call was made. It’s just a number where a call is likely to be answered.

What is the Impact of Ray Baum’s Act:

Ray Baum’s Act states that calls made to 911 must convey “dispatchable location” information to the 911 call center to enable the speediest response to the person in distress. The required dispatchable location information to the 911 call center can vary based on the size and scope of a customer’s building as well as remote workers.

Is Your School or School Districts Telephone System Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act Compliant?

If your telephone system is not currently compliant with emergency response regulations, you could be subject to fines or fees. At ServiceMark we work closely with the Law Offices of Martha Buyer, a valuable emergency compliance law and communications technology law resource to us and our customers.

ServiceMark Telecom Has a Phone System or Solution to Meet the Needs of Any School or School District

At ServiceMark Telecom our team of experts will work with you every step of the way from our initial no cost consultation to our unrivaled project design, installation process, training, and customer support.

ServiceMark Telecom Works with More K-12 Schools and School Districts for a Reason

Since 1995 ServiceMark Telecom has been providing top rated telecommunication and networking solutions to school districts in Kansas and Missouri.

At ServiceMark we understand the communication needs of the schools and school districts in this area. We also understand that installing a new phone system or upgrading your current system needs to fit within the budget of the school or school district.

We make it easy to find a communication solution that is in line with your budget and safety requirements, while meeting the needs of your students and staff.

Our Goal Is to Reduce a Schools Monthly Cost Compared to Current Telephone Company Expenses

A school or school district’s existing phone service and the current monthly cost can be replaced with affordable VoIP SIP Trunks from ServiceMark Telecom that utilizes a school or district’s existing internet service for connectivity.

Does This Option Provide Reliable Phone Service?

For most school districts, the simple answer is yes but at ServiceMark we never assume this is reliable. Prior to installation, ServiceMark will install a diagnostic testing tool that simulates thousands of phone calls for a week. Then ServiceMark will provide a detailed technical report to disclose the reliability and quality of phone service over The District’s current data network and internet service. Today, we can be more proactive to provide reliable phone service over The District’s internet service, instead of The District relying on a traditional phone company that may rely on older, worn-out cabling to deliver phone service.


What is the Right Phone System or Solution for My School or School District

At ServiceMark we can build upon a school or school districts current internet service and firewall that is already in place, our team or Expert Technicians can install a up-to-date NEC VoIP Business Telephone System that is easily integrated with the current wide area network of any school district.

We also recommend every school or school district consider data switches to support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Quality of Service (QoS), and in most districts, these data switches are already in place. Data switches allow VoIP phones to seamlessly plug into existing data network wiring and wall jacks.

ServiceMark Telecom Can Provide Reliable Phone Service Over a School or School Districts Existing Internet

This provides a school or school district the flexibility to choose what option fits their needs best. There are multiple advantages of not having to rely on a traditional phone company that may utilize outdated technology or provide subpar connectivity through worn out cabling.


ServiceMark Has Affordable NEC VoIP Business Phone Systems Options

You might be wondering how much will this cost? The NEC VoIP Telephone System will require an initial purchase price. Contact ServiceMark for a preliminary estimate for budgetary purposes.

After the initial purchase of the telephone system, the monthly cost for telephone service that addresses Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act is very affordable. We hope to reduce monthly costs compared to current telephone company expenses.

At ServiceMark Telecom we also offer affordable Efax solutions that eliminate the need for costly and outdated analog phone lines. We also offer affordable options for bridging NEC’s Cloud for redundancy, improved emergency communication, and the ability for your staff and students to work and communicate seamlessly from a desk phone, or soft phone application that can be accessed from a computer or smart phone.

ServiceMark Telecom Will Save Your School or School District Money and Keep Your Staff and Students Safe

Eliminate old technology, cut cost, and ensure the safety of your students and faculty by installing or upgrading your current business telephone system.

Don’t wait any longer to ensure your system and service addresses Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act by scheduling a simple risk-free no cost consultation to evaluate your options and to discuss solutions with top rated telecommunications specialists of Kansas and Missouri.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss in further detail how you can cut cost while exploring new and exciting telecommunication options and technologies that enhance the learning experience and better protect students and faculty.

Please call us at 816-478-2000 and press 2, or e-mail us for a free, no cost consultation.

From everyone at ServiceMark Telecom we look forward to working with.