UNIVERGE BLUE NEC's Business Cloud-Based Phone System

ServiceMark Telecom, a Lighthouse Associate for NEC, provides NEC UNIVERGE BLUE cloud based phone systems.

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC offers big enterprise technology to businesses of all sizes. UNIVERGE BLUE offers more flexibility when picking a “Hosted” or “Cloud” based phone system.

Hosted or Cloud based phone systems are often also referred to as:

Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone System
• Virtual VoIP Phone System
• Cloud Based VoIP Phone System
• Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
• Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)


Why is ServiceMark Telecom offering Univerge Blue Cloud Phone Systems from NEC?

Univerge Blue Cloud Phone Systems from NEC satisfies ServiceMark’s objection of a lack of concern for quality and reliability of connectivity of other cloud offerings.

Quality and Reliability of Connectivity.

ServiceMark has a rich history of installing reliable on-premises NEC phone system to phone service that works close to 99.999% of the time, and we’re concerned about poor call quality over best effort internet connections. After we install a solution, we actually want it to work!

Generally speaking, VoIP cloud providers don’t want to even talk about the quality of connections. For an example, at the time Bruce Gibbs (president of ServiceMark Telecom) was interviewed for a podcast with NEC, Bruce conducted a Google search of “Cloud vs. On Premises Phone Systems”. After reviewing 9 articles that appeared first, there was only brief mention buried in one article about even questioning the quality of a customer’s internet connection as a means of connectivity to the cloud phone service. It appears that other providers are so eager to sell the customer and gobble up market share without doing their due diligence to determine if the service will actually work over the customer’s internet connection. Generally speaking the churn rate of unhappy customers that have tried other cloud providers is unacceptable, and ServiceMark has worked with many of these customers that have had ServiceMark replace their failed cloud experiment.

NEC and ServiceMark’s concern for quality and reliability is different than other cloud providers. NEC won’t even proceed with the installation of the cloud phone system solution until ServiceMark installs a diagnostic tool that measures the quality of a customer’s internet connection as a means of connectivity to NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE cloud-based telephone system. This diagnostic tool is installed at the customer’s place of business for a minimum of a week while it collects diagnostic information. Information is obtained by the tool placing internet based phone calls from the customer’s premises to NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE cloud-based telephone system to determine if a customer’s internet connection provides the stability to maintain high call quality. After testing is complete, ServiceMark shares a diagnostic report with the customer. In contrast to other cloud providers, NEC has NO CHURN OF ANY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS that have installed a cloud phone system solution using NEC Cloud Services.


Cloud-Based Phone System vs. On Premises Phone System.
What’s right for your business?

Bruce Gibbs, President of ServiceMark Telecom produced a video that presents an honest common sense approach to explore hosted cloud based telephone systems versus on-premises telephone systems. Viewing the video is a good place to start your investigation. Also, NEC interviewed Bruce Gibbs and launched a podcast. It would be helpful to listen to the podcast to learn more about UNIVERGEBLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC, and the strength of the partnership between ServiceMark Telecom and NEC. Also, a no cost consultation can provide a more in depth analysis of capabilities and cost of cloud vs. on premises phone systems.

At ServiceMark, we are strong proponents of hosted, cloud based telephone system solutions. We are also proponents of on-premises telephone systems. We are not advocates of technology for technology sake. At ServiceMark, we’ll provide a honest, common sense approach to help you discover the technology that is the best fit for your business.

Please contact us at 816-478-2000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a no cost consultation to determine what is best for you!