NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite How to Enable and Use the Highlight Dial Feature

Using the NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite that is integrated with the NEC Univerge SV9100 Telephone Communications Solution

The highlight dial feature is a unique and handy tool that allows you to highlight any telephone number on your screen and call by entering a key stroke

• To make sure Highlight Dial is enabled, go to the Tools drop down menu and select Preferences

tools drop down

• Arrow over until you see a tab called, ”Shortcuts”

arrow to shortcut tab

• At the bottom section you will see Highlighted Dial Shortcut
• Make sure Enable Highlighted Dial Feature and Automatically initiate Dialing are checked

enable highlight dial feature

• To change the hotkey selection click inside the hotkey field and press desired hotkey combination
• Ctl + D is recommended as demonstrated. However, phone systems can be configured to use keys other than Ctl + D.

ctrl d shortcut

• Press ok and Highlight Dial is now active

How to Use Highlight Dial

• To use Highlight Dial, ensure that your Unified Communications Suite program is up and running. You may keep it minimized if desired.
• Find the telephone number you wish to dial and highlight it on your screen using your mouse or keyboard

using highlight feature

• Press Ctrl + D, or whatever hotkey you programmed in to be your highlight dial shortcut
• Your phone has now gone off hook and started dialing the number.

ctrl or other hot key

Watch the video demo below for more instruction: