Software Assurance

When migrating to any sort of new technology, the words updates and upgrades become common lingo. Your IP based or traditional telephone system is no exception. Through NEC’s Software Assurance subscription and support program, ServiceMark Telecom can ensure that your NEC telephone system software is up to date with the latest software releases.

Just like other forms of technology you use in your business; problems may arise with your telephone system that require NEC technical support, and new features will inevitably be developed. Maintaining a Software Assurance agreement through ServiceMark, not only gives you access to NEC software releases, but also guarantees that one time each year, we will upgrade your system software and perform a system check-up to inspect fan motors within chassis and cabinets, inspect and test uninterrupted power supplies, check software error logs, and complete a back-up of system programming. In addition to the software updates and your annual check-up, you have access, through ServiceMark, to NEC Support Services, other technical resources and NEC technical experts.

Here at ServiceMark, Software Assurance is part of most new NEC system installations for the first year and can be renewed each year thereafter. If you choose to forego renewing your Software Assurance after the initial first year, it can be added at any time, but may incur additional costs to renew expired agreements.

If you are curious about your system’s current software version or if you would like more information about adding Software Assurance to your existing system, please contact ServiceMark.

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