Facial Recognition Surveillance

ServiceMark Telecom Provides KANSAS CITY WITH Advanced Facial Recognition Surveillance

Protecting businesses and properties has become increasingly challenging and of a growing concern.

Unfortunate, recurring incidents of violence have become all too common place. Keeping schools, governmental buildings, hospitals, businesses and public venues/events monitored 24/7 has become a necessary security layer. Elevating security measures with facial recognition technology is a great way to improve safety and peace of mind.. 

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Advanced Protection of Facial Recognition - NEC NeoFace Watch

NeoFace Watch is an innovative, surveillance-enhancement technology that provides the pinnacle in facial recognition technology. One of the biggest benefits of NeoFace Watch is that is can be layered on top of and configured to operate seamlessly with already existing security and surveillance systems. NEC’s NeoFace Watch captures and identifies, in real time, the faces of individuals that pass through the system’s grid. Its web based, proprietary algorithms rapidly analyze the facial attributes of individuals and cross compares the data to assigned watch lists. NeoFace Watch then sends real-time alerts when it recognizes the face of an individual who is on an assigned watch list. Equipped with the fastest, most accurate, facial-recognition technology, NEC Face Watch can be integrated and optimized to meet every business’s unique needs.

The effectiveness of NEC NeoFace Watch technology is not dependent solely on high-quality video imaging. The strength of this product is its ability to get high-quality identification even from low-quality video surveillance. With advanced algorithms in place to overcome variables such as age, poor lighting, and camera angles, NeoFace Watch can identify a face with unmatched accuracy.


How Does NeoFace Watch Facial Recognition Work?

Since its inception in the 1960s, technologies in facial recognition have increased dramatically. NEC NeoFace Watch is at the zenith of this surveillance revolution. Prior facial recognition technologies required that the facial target area of their surveillance remain in a static, straight-on view to be accurately matched to an equally static prerecorded image. Variables such as aging, differing facial angles, poor lighting, and emotional expression often skewed results.

NeoFace Watch biometric technology was able to overcome the effects of aging by maintaining measurements of rigid facial structures referred to as nodal points, the distance between eyes, nose width and eye sockets. Captured images with altered facial angles and poor lighting were improved by applying a three-dimensional model to the previous static image. NeoFace Watch can even evaluate faces wearing eyewear like glasses and sunglasses.

NeoFace Watch software is capable of processing multiple camera feeds extracting and matching thousands of faces per minute, making it easy to monitor, densely populated, high traffic areas


Benefits of ServiceMark’s Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology can Proivde Protection for all Types of Facilities and Individuals

NEC’s NeoFace Watch provides real-time alerts when possibly dangerous or unwanted individuals enter a premises. It can almost instantly alert security and/or law enforcement to the on-site presence of known criminals and terrorists it has identified.

Facial Recognition Technology can Help Keep Schools, Students and Educators Safe

For schools NeoFace Watch can alert security officers when students put on probation, who should not be on school premises, decide to break the rules and are on-site. More importantly it can also alert school officials if a known sex offender, criminal or terrorist has entered school premises.


Facial Recognition Technology Provides Secure Access & Monitoring Solutions for Businesses

NeoFace Watch is flexible, it allows businesses and organizations to enter and maintain customized watch lists. Customized watch lists help maintain vigilance against the presence of known troublemakers who were previously banished from the premises (terminated employees, disgruntled employees).

Designed to provide anonymous, nonintrusive, real-time monitoring, NeoFace Watch is ideal for authenticating access of individuals to controlled environments. NeoFace Watch provides real time alerts when individuals enter a facility without authorization or enter unauthorized areas, again preventing instances of intrusion, theft, and fraud.


Facial Recognition Technology can Improve Customer Experience, Efficiency and Thwart Theft and Vandalism

NeoFace Watch can not only secure a premises against known threats, it can also enhance the efficiency of a business' customer experience. NeoFace Watch provides real-time diagnostics as it tracks customers’ progress through facilities. This real-time monitoring and data tracking, assigned to predetermined parameters, enables businesses to anticipate customer need and improve customer experience. With NeoFace Watch, businesses can help their customers more efficiently and prevent instances of excessive queues, bottlenecks, customer dissatisfaction and potential risks to public safety.

For retail/shopping districts NeoFace Watch can alert a facility when known shoplifters, would-be thieves or vandals enter their establishment(s). NeoFace Watch is a great tool for helping to prevent merchandise theft/loss.

Hospitality industries with high-end clientele can use NeoFace Watch to maintain a database of their known VIPs. This way facilities can be immediately alerted to the arrival of these valued customers. With their preferences instantly available via their NeoFace Watch’s database, a business can provide the individualized customer service their VIP clientele expect and enjoy!



SIMPLE, STRAIGHT FORWARD FINANCING FOR NeoFace Watch Face recognition surveillance

ServiceMark Telecom makes it easy for business owners to stay equipped with the latest security system technology with easy and flexible financing options through Mid Continent Capital, a local company in the Kansas City area that has provided convenient financing for our customers for well over 20 years.

Whether you need to upgrade your entire security system and want to integrate facial recognition technology or layer facial recognition on top of your existing security system, all costs can be financed.  ServiceMark helps to make upgrades and new installs cost effective.  Install smart security now, enjoy peace of mind long-term.