NEC A Most Admired Corporation

Bruce Gibbs, President of ServiceMark Telecom understands that sometimes things do not go as planned.

Recently, ServiceMark and NEC came together to solve a firmware problem.

ServiceMark had just finished installing an NEC SV9100 telephone system for a small but complex call center. A few days after installation, issues started to occur and within days the problem was escalated to the Japan headquarters.

ServiceMark and NEC worked together to try to fix the issues, but the problem was not resolved. NEC sent two engineers on-site and had others replicating the errors. It was then that NEC realized this was a firmware issue and the problem was fixed.

The due-diligence that NEC took to ensure this company was back on its feet was awe-inspiring for Bruce Gibbs.

“NEC has proved a lot to us over the past few weeks. The trust I now have in NEC extends well beyond the individual people that I know. Some of these people I’ve known for 20 years. NEC has now become one of my most admired companies, based on personal experience…”

ServiceMark’s distinction as a top NEC Associate is a result of nurturing strong, committed relationships, and ServiceMark’s president Bruce Gibbs believes that the only thing of any lasting value is relationships. Recently at a banquet to celebrate ServiceMark’s 20 years in business, Albert Kelley (NEC Vice President of Sales) said “I work for a big company, and in corporate America you don’t always get to have relationships. We've managed to have a relationship that goes back 20 years, and that’s an awesome thing in today’s times. It just [usually] doesn’t happen.”