NEC SL2100 an Affordable, Robust Small Business Phone System

Tomorrow's Communication Technology, Today

For a small business to thrive and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, technology driven marketplace, it is vital that they remain connected to their customer base at all times. NEC’s SL2100 Smart Communications Phone System allows you to be there for your customers when they need you.

The Best Phone System for Your Small Business

More than a phone system, NEC’s SL2100 places an integrated network of communication within the grasp of small business owners. Its cost-effective features, including internet protocol or IP telephony, automated attendant (to help field your calls), on-hold music, voicemail, and more, are designed to be simple and easy to use. The SL2100’s “work-smarter applications” will propel your customer service to the highest level, helping your business retain satisfied clients and generate new business.

NEC’s SL2100 Smart Communications System has an extensive range of equipment. Businesses can choose from a wide selection of IP telephones, digital telephones, and IP DECT handsets. Every phone system has the built-in applications and services that make the SL2100 the pinnacle in small business communication technology. ServiceMark Telecom's entire team works closely with businesses to provide upfront system design, ensuring the entire workforce is able to take advantage of all the great features and functionality that the SL2100’s service network has to offer.

For businesses whose employees work remotely from home or travel between job sites, the SL2100 provides a unified communications application or InUC app. The InUC app provides a cohesive collaboration tool so that all team members can communicate easily across multiple platforms(phone system, mobile devices and desktop computers).Cross-platform communications give small businesses the ability to greatly improve information sharing and workflow processes.


For businesses that handle large volumes of phone calls, SL2100 organizes their incoming communications with a revolutionary, Automated Call Distribution system or ACD. The ACD quickly distributes incoming calls to the proper department or team member. SL2100 prevents instances of missed phone calls by providing on-hold music with the option of adding timed, pre-recorded marketing/informational messages. Team members also have the option of recording individual greetings, out of office and call back messages for their callers. SL2100 is additionally equipped with a Contact Center application. This feature gives designated supervisors the ability to monitor real-time communications and provide team member activity analytics and reports as needed to ensure quality assurance.

Servicemark telecom provides dependable business phone system service you can trust

Included with the SL2100 Smart Communications System is NEC’s InGuard app which safeguards businesses against fraudulent, predatory calls. InGuard monitors all calls 24/7 to thwart would-be identity thieves and other possible security risks. If a potential threat is identified, the SL2100 InGuard app will notify the proper personnel via email.

Another safety feature that the SL2100 provides is “in-house emergency location” of any person who dials 911 for help. In the event of an emergency, this allows first responders to pinpoint the exact location of the individual in need.

ServiceMark Telecom, based in the Kansas City area, has been a leader in business telephone communications for over 25 years. As an NEC Lighthouse Certified Distributor, we are experts in the installation and deployment of the SL2100 Smart Communications System for small business. Our technical support teams detailed approach to every phone system installation ensures communications will be rock solid, and scalable, the SL2100 phone system can be expanded upon to support business growth. SericeMark Telecom’s customer service is also always available to provide replacement hardware, software upgrades, maintenance, training and consulting.

With all the cutting-edge features and functionality that ServiceMark and NEC phone systems offer, why would small businesses rely on anything else?

For more information about the SL2100 Smart Communications System and free phone system consultation, Contact ServiceMark Telecom today.


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