NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite How to Add a Number to Speed Dial

Using the NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite that is integrated with the NEC Univerge SV9100 Telephone Communications Solution

• If your computer is running the Premium version it can be found on a tab such as this one.

directory tab

• If your computer is running the Standard version of UC, select the Window dropdown menu and choose Directory

dropdown directory

• Once in directory you will see a small tool bar
• On the right hand side select Personal

small toolbar

• These contacts are your personal contacts and not accessible to other co-workers on the phone system
• For this demonstration We will first add in a new contact
• Click on New in the upper left hand corner and select New Entry

new contact

• Fill in the appropriate fields such as name and telephone number, you can add additional numbers if desired in the alternate numbers box

 Network Services

• Once completed Select OK
• You should now see the new contact in your Personal Contacts section
• Right click on the contact and select Add to Speed dial

new contact add to speed dial

• Go to your Speed Dial Tab, you will see the added contact

speed dial tab

• Click on it once and your phone will go off hook and start calling the contact
• Add as many as desired

Watch the video demo below for more instruction: