NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite How to Forward Calls

Using the NEC Unified Communications (UC) Suite that is integrated with the NEC Univerge SV9100 Telephone Communications Solution

Before completing this task please check with your system administrator to make sure you have enough lines to complete this as when you receive calls on your cell phone it will tie up two lines.

• To start this, you will need to change your presence; this is how you tell your telephone how you would like your calls forwarded.
• Click the arrow in the Upper left corner underneath your name and choose from the list of options.

your presence location

• I will choose Business Travel for this demonstration since I’ll be going out of the office and would like to receive calls on my cell phone.

selecting preference

• The subject and location are optional to let co-workers know more about where you are if desired. For Phone Settings I will choose Forward and in the blank line next to it I will type in my cell phone number.

adding and setting a forwarding number

• Please note that if you do not answer, the call will route to your cell phone voice mail. You can put in an expected return time if desired or leave it and Click OK.
• Now when someone dials your extension, or your direct dial your cell phone will ring.
• To Cancel Call Forward, simply go up to the arrow under your name select in the office and for your Phone Setting select – Do Not Forward and click OK.

how to cancel call forwarding

Watch the video demo below for more instruction: