Business Telephone System Solutions for City Municipalities

In this podcast Bruce Gibbs, President of ServiceMark Telecom, visits with Kevin Self, Captain with the City of Mission Police Department. The podcast will center around how ServiceMark Telecom helped the City of Mission update their phone system to take advantage of cutting edge communications technology.

How did servicemark compare to other vendors that submitted telephone system proposals?

Captain Self: Cost was certainly a consideration, ServiceMark provided a very competitive R.F.P in that regard. The other point of note, ServiceMark was the ONLY company to submit that hit ALL Points of concern that we had asked for in terms of capabilities and solutions.

The R.F.P process was something new to me. However the plan that ServiceMark submitted was clear, concise, and easy to understand – even to a layman.


All were covered, everything we asked for – ServiceMark delivered.


What were the specific pain points that prompted the city of mission to look into a new/upgraded phone system solution?

Captain Self: The system that we had in place was quickly aging and antiquated. We lacked the necessary capabilities for users to have the functionality to effectively perform their job.


Project management and training is critical, How Did Servicemark telecom perform?

Captain Self: Much like the rest of the process…exceptional!

Jenny was the right person to perform that training, she has a wonderful personality and she knows the product in-and-out.

Because our city & situation was unique, coordinating training was an immense undertaking. For the on-site training, Jenny was just as attentive to the smaller groups as she was the larger. Again, clear, concise, to the point – Jenny understood everything we needed out of the application.

We were provided links to training videos, which we found invaluable during the entire process. If guidance or instruction was needed, we were able to consult the many training videos – providing step-by-step walkthroughs of many processes. It was Seamless!


It's been over a year since servicemark telecom installed the new phone system. Has servicemark telecom provided good follow-up customer service?

Captain Self: That aspect is probably what continues to amaze us the most! Often in the past we’ll purchase something – and after the installation the company is absent and there is no longer service available.

ServiceMark has continued to provide the highest level of service, both customer and telephone. We have yet to encounter an issue that has not been met with either a solution or with proper guidance within the next 24 hours. There really have been no “growing pains”, ServiceMark has been a joy to work with – from a customer service standpoint, from a planning standpoint. Everyone at ServiceMark is willing to listen.